Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tired of Renting? Home Ownership Really Pays Off and Here's Why

If You Are Tired of Renting and Making Your Landlord Richer, Now is a Great Time To Buy Your New Home and Stop Renting.

According To The Wall Street Journal,
If you were to purchase a home for $250,000
with 5% down, and home prices were to increase only 2%
per year you would be money ahead after just the 2nd year.
After six years you would have saved 443,398.

See for yourself & get the rest of the story here:

Buying a home has Never been easier. Flexible creative financing options, zero to low 5% down payments, and first time home buyer programs are available to folks just like you.  Our team specializes in getting you qualified and into the home you want - stress free. 
Benefits of Home Ownership:
  • Tax deductions including mortgage interest
  • The chance for appreciation
  • Portion's of each payment apply to your principal
  • Payments eventually end

Call Diane at 480-948-6600 to get started owning vs.renting today!


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